Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nature Flourishes Along Chicago's Lakefront

When you think of the city of Chicago, what comes to mind? Towering skyscrapers? Fabulous shopping on the Magnificent Mile? Decadent deep-dish pizza? The Bears? Corrupt politicians? I suspect a haven for nature is not often thought of.

Surprisingly, there are several locations along Chicago's scenic lakefront where beautiful nature and wildlife can be found. Two favorite gems of mine are North Pond Nature Sanctuary and Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary. Below are a series of photographs taken at these small but special preserves where nature florishes.

Two precious downy goslings enjoy a dip in the pond

 A Gray Catbird pauses from dining on tasty Sumac seeds

A colorful Green Heron hunts for a finned lunchtime meal

The striking masked face of a Common Yellowthroat

A Black-crowned Night Heron hides amid the leaving tree buds

The beautiful markings of a Yellow-rumped Warbler

A pretty Palm Warbler alights upon a blossoming branch

A queue of Red-eared Sliders rest atop a log

A diminutive Blue-gray Gnatcatcher flits from branch to branch

A lone Ovenbird perches upon a limb

Two Mallard ducklings delight in a late morning swim

The click of my camera shutter wakes a napping Red Fox

... though, only momentarily


forestal said...

amazing pictures


BirdingMaine said...

WOW, exquisite photos Julie!!

Debbie Miller @HooootOwl said...

Beautiful captures Julie! I recently was Downtown with my husband at Magic Hedge. It is a great location to see migrating warblers. I was amazed, it being down town Chicago as you say. I live an hour from Chgo and don't see even half the amount of warblers as we did Sunday in Magic Hedge.
I also read recently that Lincoln Park Bird Sanctuary(not sure if that is same place as Montrose Bird Sanctuary) was a good location to see Black-crowned Night Heron. You have such a lovely capture here!

Kerri said...

You are correct ~ when I think of Chicago I don't think of wildlife ... that is, until now.
You've given me a whole new perspective on Chicago. What gorgeous pics! Love every one of them!

Idaho Birder said...

Now those are some fantastic photos!

MikeyBoy50 said...

A great series Debbie
Ovenbird, and fox Really great captures
Congrats My Lady

Anonymous said...

Julie~a gorgeous series of photos!! I stopped and rested my eyes on each and every one. I LOVE your blog!! Cathy

Crafty Green Poet said...

what a lovely series of photos, every city needs places like that where wildlife can flourish

Anonymous said...

breath taking photos! Just great!

Steve Ingraham said...

Wonderful post and great pics!

Patricia/Trisketta said...

Gorgeous series of photos, Julie. You have such a knack for capturing the perfect composition. Love the turtles on a log and that fox--what a cutie!!!

dAwN said...

Who would have guessed so much wildlife there! Awesome captures!

Randy said...

Amazing! Thanks for pointing out that there are nature opportunities in Chicago.

Beverly Ann said...

Awesome! Especially love the turtle and the fox pictures. You're right - you don't think of nature when you visit Chicago. I'll have to go to these places next time I'm up there!

Robin Robinson said...

Absolutely smashing photos! Makes me weak in the knees, girl!