Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jelly Bellies

This year on our country property, we are fortunate to have two pair of beautiful Baltimore Orioles visiting our feeders and bird baths. One oriole couple has built a nest across the street in a majestic sycamore tree. We believe the other two have a nest in a towering maple tree close to where our new house is being built. It's been a pleasure watching these loquacious birds flying about our acreage and stopping over for a bite to eat, sips of water and perhaps a refreshing bath.

A brilliant male Baltimore Oriole sits atop the pole where the oriole feeder hangs

Relishing the grape jelly

Slurping the sweet, purple treat

A pretty female oriole with a jelly coated beak

Delighting in Smucker's grape jelly

A handsome male savors the fruity confection

The jelly tastes terrific from either side of the feeder

Sticky goodness so pleasing to the palate


A sweet, juicy navel orange appeals to this female

Orioles are not the only birds who fancy this gooey treat ~ Four or five Gray Catbird have been visiting the feeder as well

A tiny Ruby-throated Hummingbird (right side of the feeder) wonders what all the fuss is about