Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Flying Jewels of Spring

The spring season is one of my favorite times of the year. Along with milder temperatures, the greening of foliage and flowering trees, bird migration occurs. Colorful, active birds make regular stops throughout the Midwest. Some delight us with their beauty throughout the summer months and others stop for only a brief visit as they make their way north. These bright, dazzling birds decorate the blossoming trees for all to appreciate.

Always a glorious sight ~ Scarlet Tanager

A resplendent Blackburnian Warbler explores the oak tree leaves for prey

On the hunt for a buggy snack ~ Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

A brilliant Yellow Warbler pauses for a moment in the marsh

A secretive Kentucky Warbler searches for food amongst the leaf litter

A stunning Chestnut-sided Warbler among the budding pink blossoms

A bright orange beauty ~ Baltimore Oriole

A gorgeous Magnolia Warbler gleans insects from a budding tree

A striking Cedar Waxwing sups on fresh blooms

A black-capped bird in search of a meal ~ Wilson's Warbler

A Brown Thrasher forages near the forest edge

Seeking nourishment along the creek ~ Prothonotary Warbler

Sitting pretty on a branch ~ Ovenbird

A lovely Canada Warbler searches for nutrition amidst pretty pink blooms

Crooning a tune ~ Hooded Warbler

Blue brilliance ~ Eastern Bluebird

A moment of peace for this busy Ruby-throated Hummingbird