Saturday, May 1, 2010

Beautiful Spring Bird Sightings

A pretty Hermit Thrush perched amid berries

A rusty-capped Chipping Sparrow pauses atop a fence post

This handsome Eastern Bluebird pair are spending their second spring with us nesting in one of our bird houses

A Red-winged Blackbird shows off his best feature

A striking Eastern Towhee among the tree blossoms

A female House Finch croons merrily

A Northern Cardinal shows off her lovely feathers

A glorious morning for a bath at North Pond

A Yellow-rumped Warbler rests upon a fallen tree


B4D2USA said...

Wow! The photos all look as if they were taken out of a National Geographic magazine. Great work!

heikume said...

I really do have amazing photos. I love the one of the heron walking on the beach...but they are all great!

Faylin Myhre said...

Beautiful work! Look forward to your posts!

Kerri said...

OH Julie ~ Your first post is FANTASTIC! I am so happy you started blogging!!
Fabulous shots!!

W.T. Jones said...

Hey Julie,
Now I can finally see some of those pictures you have been hiding

W.T. Jones said...

Pam says nice job as well. Outstanding work

ahinic said...
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Andjelija said...

I am so excited for you that you started blogging. Your photos are absolutely beautiful Julie. Great job :-)

Cathy Ross said...

Julie ~ your blog is absolutely beautiful!! I'm so excited that you started a blog ~ these photos are lovely! Cathy

Julie G. said...

A most gracious thank you for all the kind sentiments and support. I still have a lot to learn about blogging, as this is all new to me. I am extremely touched by your especially thoughtful comments.

Wren said...

You may have a lot to learn about blogging (although you sure are off to a great start), but you could teach us all a lot about photography. These photos are WONDERFUL! Thanks for sharing & I am going to keep a lookout here.

dAwN said...

Welcome! Awesome shots as always!

forestal said...

Superb photos, love the blog :)


Manuel Luis said...

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Vivo feliz e espero o mesmo de ti.
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Richardson said...

Julie, Pam says nice job as well. Outstanding work