Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall Feathered Friends

Autumn is a most beautiful time of year in the Midwest. Below are a series of photographs taken in the fall season.

A sightly Hooded Merganser glides along in cool waters

I believe this stunning creature is an immature Cooper's Hawk ~ Identification assistance always welcome ~  I had to shoot through the middle of an extremely dense bush for this shot

An American Coot enjoys a peaceful day at the pond

A windblown American Kestrel scans the beach for a lunchtime treat

The lovely reflection of a Mallard Duck

A White-breasted Nuthatch searches for food amid fallen russet leaves

A female Northern Cardinal delights in a bounty of berries

The splendid wings of a Downy Woodpecker

A pretty Yellow-rumped Warbler forages in the grass

Luscious, plump, red berries for this lucky Cedar Waxwing

Two Canada Geese enjoy a morning swim ~ The interesting reflection on the water is from a highrise building in the city of Chicago

A pretty Hermit Thrush against lovely autumn leaves

A tiny Golden-crowned Kinglet searches for sustenance

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Look Back

Here in the Midwest, the fall season brings many changes. Cooler, more comfortable temperatures arrive delivering crisp, clear, refreshing air. Brilliant golds, burgundies, umbers and reds replace the lush, green leaves of summer. Autumn also brings about a chance to view beautiful birds on their migration south to warmer climates. I always look forward to visiting my favorite birding locations in the fall, as there is usually an abundance of activity. Surprisingly, this autumn season has been especially quiet for bird viewing. That being the case, I took a look back at my photograph archives to see the images I captured last year at this time. Below are several beauties seen in 2009.
~ Identification corrections welcome ~

A striking Cooper's Hawks scans for prey atop a park fence

A most comfortable place to have lunch

A pretty Hermit Thrush framed by brilliant fall foliage

A busy Golden-crowned Kinglet in search of insects

This Eastern Phoebe has its eyes on a swarm of gnats nearby

A VERY berry Northern Cardinal face

A fluffed up White-throated Sparrow also enjoys the plump, ripe seasonal berries

An Orange-crowned Warbler carefully extracts tasty seeds

A White-breasted Nuthatch against a pretty autumn background

Tasty seeds galore for this beautiful White-crowned Sparrow

A lovely Wood Thrush amid damp grass blades

Sweet mush face