Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Feathers

This post features several of the beautiful birds I have seen throughout the autumn months.
~ Identification corrections always welcome ~

A most striking raptor ~ Juvenile Cooper's Hawk

A pretty Palm Warbler seen against a colorful autumn background

American Goldfinches are a common sight during the fall months 

Goldenrod offers a nice perch for this stunning White-crowned Sparrow

A beautiful Black-throated Green Warbler forages amid the tree branches

 A gust of wind fluffs the feathers of an American Kestrel

I spotted this Dark-eyed Junco bathing delightfully in a puddle after an early morning downpour

A Horned Lark explores washed up vegetation on the Lake Michigan shore

A handsome juvenile Red-tailed Hawk scans the nature preserve for prey

A Red-eyed Vireo passes through our property on its migration south

A peanut is this Blue Jays snack of choice ~ This particular Blue Jay would repeatedly pick up 4 - 8 peanuts and toss the rejects before it decided on the perfect nut

A Semipalmated Plover enjoys a sunny day at the beach

Floating lazily in the cool pond waters ~ Hooded Merganser