Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Brings ...

The first day of spring is only one week away. This post contains photographs from my archives featuring several birds I am looking forward to seeing over the coming spring season.

Beautiful Yellow Warblers will soon flutter about the marsh area at the back of our property

I've already spotted many American Robins hopping through the grass seeking sustenance

Tiny Ruby-crowned Kinglets are always a delight to observe

Pretty Yellow-rumped Warblers will soon fill the trees

One of the most lovely birds I have ever seen ~ Blackburnian Warbler

This stunning Prothonotary Warbler was a life bird for me last year

The the high-pitched song of Common Yellowthroats will soon fill the marsh

Rusty capped Palm Warblers will be passing through on their way to Canada

I am looking forward to the arrival of diminutive Ruby-throated Hummingbirds during the month of April

Resplendent Black-throated Green Warblers briefly visit the Chicago area during spring migration

Eastern Bluebird  ~ We already have a few bluebird couples checking out several of the nest boxes on our property ~ Last year, one pair raised three successful broods in the same nest box