Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Beautiful Birds of Autumn

During the 2013 autumn season, I have visited many different areas in search of beautiful birds. Below I feature several birds seen over the past few months.

A stunning male Wood Duck wades in North Pond

A lovely sight ~ Black-throated Green Warbler

A striking Carolina Wren fluffs its feathers

Feeding amid the leaves ~ Magnolia Warbler

A handsome Black-throated Blue Warbler searches for insects

A glimpse of a slow-moving Black-billed Cuckoo

Delighting in dogwood berries ~ Warbling Vireo

A common autumn sight ~ Golden-crowned Kinglet

A stately Great Blue Heron walks amongst the lily pads

The vibrant throat feathers of a male Common Yellowthroat

Scanning the nature preserve ~ Red-tailed Hawk

A lone Harris's Sparrow seen feeding at North Pond ~ Life Bird!

Two elegant American Avocets search for sustenance in the shallows ~ Life bird!