Saturday, May 8, 2010

Golden Moments at the Marsh

I wake early, eager with anticipation for an excursion down to the marsh. I step outside to a sleepy sun peeking through the trees and gentle breezes whispering between the pines. My ears perk, delighted with the various joyful tunes of an avian chorus. In the distance, a proud rooster crows ... ah, country living. Making my way through the deep forest on a roughly trod deer trail, I am careful to avoid the ever unpleasant poison ivy plants. I wander along a shallow ravine blanketed in fresh green undergrowth. As I near the marsh, it is as if the radio tuning dial has been changed. The previous station featured flute-like trills of House Wrens, clear, whistled melodies of Northern Cardinals and a bright, sing-song aria from a lone Scarlet Tanager. The new station showcases bouncy, sweet lilts sung by Yellow Warblers, reedy musical tunes and metallic tinks from Red-winged Blackbirds and comical trumpeting honks of Sandhill Cranes.

Spying brightness up ahead, I part the densely leaved branches to a forest of weatherworn cattails and burping frogs. Stepping gingerly atop the spongy marsh floor, a magical scene appears before my eyes. The rising sun casts it's golden warmth upon a marsh filled with budding slough flora and tattered cattails. Bright, fluttering gold speckles the wetlands. I situate myself in amongst 10 foot tall cattails, along the edge of a meandering stream that hosts a variety of wildlife including frogs, turtles, ducks, beavers and Sandhill Cranes. I quietly stand and observe ... What follows are a few of my golden moments at the marsh.

A Yellow Warbler seeks the perfect seed

A Yellow Warbler sings a merry tune

A Common Yellowthroat perches amongst the cattails

A Yellow Warbler looks out over the marsh

An American Goldfinch shows off his vibrant feathers

A Common Yellowthroat joins in the chorus

A female Yellow Warbler croons a pretty melody

The lovely plumage of a Yellow Warbler

A Yellow Warbler pauses on a flowering limb


B4D2USA said...

Sooo, let see, gold trades at $1,211 per ounce at the close Friday. How much money did you make? As usual, gorgeous photos my Dear. :)

Debbie Miller @HooootOwl said...

Absolutely wonderful photos!

Kerri said...

Absolutely FABULOUS post!! Makes my heart sing .... right along with those beautiful birds!
Excellent shots!!!

Anonymous said...

great photos!

forestal said...

Lovely post and really fantastic photos.


Angad Achappa said...

Wow..Love the singing poses..these are some really good shots!! :)


Julie G. said...

A gracious thank you to all! Your especially nice comments are very much appreciated.