Thursday, June 23, 2011

Goodbye to Spring

This past spring, I had very few opportunities to visit my favorite birding spots due to wedding planning and poor weather conditions. When I was able to venture out, I was thrilled to see a variety of beautiful birds. Featured below are many of the lovely birds I saw during the spring months.

A gorgeous Blackburnian Warbler feeds in the grass

Busy little Wood ducklings enjoy a pleasant day at the pond with mom

A stunning Prothonotary Warbler seeks tasty tidbits on a fallen tree

A windblown Sora looks lovely against the reflective pond waters

The handsome profile of a Canada Warbler

A lone Pied-billed Grebe floats lazily in North Pond

A bright breathtaking sight on our country property ~ Scarlet Tanager

A pretty Palm Warbler stands out against the dense fog

Seeking sustenance in the trees ~ Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Last week we arrived at our country property to find this male Eastern Bluebird in the process of ousting a House Wren who had previously claimed this nestbox.  Surprisingly, the next day the bluebird pair were still at the house. We have never seen bluebirds steal a house from a wren before, it's usually the other way around.
~ During spring, a bluebird pair had success at one of our nestboxes. Lately we have spotted their 4 youngsters hunting on our property. Currently, 3 bluebird houses are occupied with couples. Looking forward to seeing lots of spotted bluebird babies in the near future!

Beautiful Yellow-rumped Warblers were a common sight this spring

Bruce kindly pulled the car over on the side of the road so I could capture a photo of these two long-legged young Sandhill Cranes accompanied by their parents

We watched from quite a distance as the Sandhill Cranes made their way across a vast cornfield to a small pond surrounded by lush vegetation. We were thrilled to catch sight of this wonderful family!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Migration Magic ~ Part 2

This post is part 2 of a series featuring beautiful birds observed during the month of May. Most of these lovely feathered friends are just passing through on their migration north. Though the weather this spring has been quite volatile, stormy and chilly, I did manage to spend a few glorious days at my favorite birding spots in the city.

I wanted to get this colorful post out earlier but wedding plans took priority. I am now officially a married woman filled with great joy. I hope to post blogs more often now that the wedding planning is over.

A glimpse of a handsome Canada Warbler

The brilliant feathers of a stunning Scarlet Tanager

I love the curious look on this pretty Nashville Warbler

A busy Ruby-crowned Kinglet seeks sustenance in a leafy bush

A beautiful Black-throated Green Warbler feeding around the interior tree branches

Common Yellowthroats were a frequent and welcome sight for me this spring

A striking female Baltimore Oriole delights in the blooming tree buds

A splendid sight ~ Magnolia Warbler

A lovely Pine Warbler feeds at North Pond

Seeking tasty snacks ~ Wilson's Warbler

This Virginia Rail was so very secretive ~ I was thrilled to catch a brief sight of this beauty