Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

This spring Bruce and I were overjoyed when our resident Eastern Bluebird couple from last year returned. The pair attempted to set up home in two different nest boxes, but to no avail (story in a future blog). Third time's a charm! Dad and mom bluebird are now proud parents of five cheeping, hungry nestlings. I don't believe the little downy feathered ones know how lucky they are. Dad works overtime to keep them clean, happy and well fed.

Soft, plump wax worms seems to be a favorite meal in the bluebird household. I've noticed for every four trips dad makes to the worm bowl, mom makes one. Mom often indulges in a few squiggly appetizers before selecting one or two worms for her nestlings. Dad is all about the kids, I have not seen him partake in the wormy delights since the eggs hatched. He even tends to the kids while mom is out splishin' and  splashin' in the bird bath. No doubt about it, this bluebird dad is tops!

This Father's Day post is dedicated to my fabulous, generous dad and all the other wonderful father's who lovingly provide and take care of their children.

Though some of the images are of poor quality, I hope you still enjoy the post.

This photograph of the male was taken in April when the Eastern Bluebird pair were actively searching for a nest box to raise their young

  Dad with nesting material, patiently waits his turn while mom works decorating magic

One juicy wax worm fits between the beak quite nicely for this father of five hungry nestlings

Two squirming worms are easily handled

With wiggly three, the degree of difficulty is increasing

Five makes quite an ambitious father

Super dad!

Lucky nestlings!

Mom bluebird enjoys a calm, relaxing moment in the whirlpool while dad tends to the youngsters back at the nest box

Dad performs the task of waste removal

After a busy day of tending to the youngsters, dad still makes time for mom

Happy Father's Day!


Netster said...

Happy Father's Day Julie!

((HUGS HUGS)) :)

Anonymous said...

quite a mouth full :-)

dAwN said...

Holy Molie..hee hee ..cracks me up looking at that bird with all those worms....what a good dad!
awesome photos..
Great fathers day post!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Julie, sorry about the comment deletion, I did not proof read it!

In any event, Great shots of the bluebirds, I like the way you managed get them to cooperate & pose so nicely :)