Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sarasota Area Birds

During the month of February, I was fortunate to spend several days on the west coast of Florida. Below are a variety of beautiful birds seen in and around the Sarasota area.

A striking Red-shouldered Hawk shows off its stunning plumage

A Brown Pelican floats in the briny Gulf of Mexico

A pair of Great Blue Herons occupy a nest in the mangroves ~ I stopped by the next day and saw three herons sitting in the nest

A pretty Roseate Spoonbill hunts for prey in a shallow pond at Celery Fields

Seeking sustenance ~ Black-bellied Plover

A handsome Osprey looks out over Sarasota Bay

Three Black-bellied Whistling Ducks enjoy a quiet morning at the pond

Two prehistoric-looking Wood Storks soar aloft at Oscar Scherer State Park

A stunning White Ibis relaxes while soaking in the late afternoon sun

Double delight ~ Red-shouldered Hawks